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Pigmented Spots

Pigmented Spots

Sun and age spots are commonly found on sun exposed skin. They typically do not appear until middle age and can appear in all skin types. Birthmarks and freckles are also commonly found in many people as a pigmented spot on the body without any sun damage. Spots can increase with age and with increased sun exposure. They are more common in people who freckle and who burn easily. It is important to know that if you have had enough sun to develop age spots, you have a higher risk of developing skin cancer. Age spots are collections of a pigment (called melanin) that have accumulated in the epidermis. Unlike some freckles, which darken in the summer and fade in the winter, age spots do not fade.

Some patients will respond better than others and the number of treatments for each lesion may depend on the darkness and size of the lesion as well as the amount of laser energy used. After treatment the lesion should continue to darken and eventually slough off in 3-4 weeks. Some differences in pigmentation between the treated spot and surrounding tissue may persist after the lesion is fully or mostly removed.

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